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Many of us are aware of the phrase Beware the Ides of March which was the warning Caesar received from one of his forecasters before his murder. This quote became famous when Shakesperes play about this famous emperor was present to the public and was probably taken from Plutarchs Life of Julius Caesar that told of the warning to Caesar that he should heed the day of Ides.
The ancient Roman holiday which is dedicated to Mars is March 15. Caesar was assassinated by Cassius on that day in 44 BC. This day is considered one which should be paid attention to as it can be the beginning of changes to come.
It is historically ironic that Washington DC and the end of Caesars reign of power happened on the same day. Washingtons birthday is considered March 15 in 1791. There certainly has been many changes that have swept the world since the first of the year and March is no exception as astrologers keep track of the changes that have already begun since the Ides of March.
When Wash DCs birth chart is compared to its chart for March 15 of this year, there are several planet relationships which are important to keep in mind. Some of the most interesting synastry line ups occur in the 8th and 9th houses of both charts. The term synastry is used in astrology to describe the similarities and compatibility of both charts and usually indicates what types of things could occur when looking at the past and blending it with the future chart,monster beats.

On March 15th of 2011 there are some interesting and very strong influences which may lead to a major change in the future. The 15th of March will be Washington DC birth day and the sun is in a very similar position as it was on that founding date. Its natal Mars will also be in a similar position as it was back then. Both the Sun and Mars were back then in conjunction and are again on that date. Mars will be conjunct Mars, Sun conjunct Sun and natal Sun and natal Mars along with transiting Mars and Sun conjunct both natal Mars and transit Mars.
All of this will be happening in the 8th House of transformation. This house also includes finances, passion and crises. This is a House of evolution and a very strong one at that. The coming events may be viewed as a coming storm or a beautiful day. Some may see it as a bit of both.
In astrology, a conjunction is the most powerful aspect. When any conjunction involves the Sun, it is amplified. The natal chart is said to be conjunct which has a big impact. Piscean aspects are stronger when it is both the natal and transit sign because both positive and negative faces show themselves. Both aspects compete with each other in that one is more extreme with escape tendencies and real world issues cannot be seen for what they really are.

Clearly, given the turmoil on the world stage, this battle of self versus self (or maybe self interest) can lead to the entire ship of state being even more rudderless than it currently seems. Expect some what were they thinking moments that could have a really strong impact on the country as a whole.
Could a major political scandal be brewing? This could well be the time that the curtain is pulled back on some long kept secrets and the revelations may not be welcome.
Idealism may well blot out realism and that could lead to a void in direction. This void, however, may well be the beginning of an unseen transformative action the nature of which may not be readily apparent for a few months. If this werent enough, the God of War, Mars,ralph lauren polo outlet, brings his dynamic energy to the party and heightens the intensity of the situation.
The God of War being conjunct with itself will increase the energy. Suffice it to say that the war drums on louder than ever. This type of energy was a driving force in the early days during the formation of our country. While Pisces can have a somewhat calming effect, it will not be enough to hide the energy of Mars.
The interplay between Sun and Mars,christian louboutin sale, both within each chart and between natal and progressed charts, acts an amplifier for all of the positive and negative traits and energies inherent in both. In a real sense, this mirrors the kind of turmoil that lead to the founding of the District of Columbia to try and reach a compromise over where the government (and hence the power) should be located.
This situation has now become the fighting ground between the Sun and Mars and who will establish the direction of the future in the coming months ahead.
We should pay attention to another issue happening in the 8th house. Saturn is conjunct with natal Uranus in DCs progressed chart. An important new direction could be the result of this relationship. Because it is happening in a house of transformation, the importance of this should not be underestimated,moncler jacken. The Ides of March comes to mind here. These types of high energies should not be overlooked as something new under the Sun is coming. Our response is as important now as the events themselves on our future. It is ultimately up to each individual as to the outcome.
The Bard said so well:
The fault, dear Brutus, lies not with our stars, but with our selves.
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