Healthy Man Advertising and Affiliate Rate Card

Healthy Man Advertising and Affiliate Rate Card

Base rates 1 Year $1,580 2 Years per year $1,335 

2 Ads 1 Year $1,180 2 Years per year $1,005 

3 Ads 1 Year $3,385 2 Years per year $2,850 

4 Ads 1 Year $3,385 2 Years per year $2,850 

5 Ads 1 Year $4,925 2 Years per year $4,155

• Advertising Launch Component Discount Levels:

2 insertions a month (average): 10% Discount

3 insertions a month (average): 15% Discount

4 insertions a month (average): 25% Discount

Healthy Man Style Article for Great Health

Here is a Great Healthy Man style article,  written by

Dr. Ambika Satija of the Department of Nutrition at the
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Healthy Man at The Fair

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Healthy Lunch at Panera Bread

I stop for lunch when I am out of the office often at Panera Bread



I order the turkey breast on whole grain bread with;. lettuce, tomato, and a little mustard. My berverage is a bottle of water, and it comes with an apple. I also have their cup of fruit salad. I usually eat the fruit salad and take the apple home.



Healthy Breakfast on the road at Starbucks!

'While traveling my wife and I stopped at a Starbucks and had a Healthy Breakfast.We shared a "dedoughed" whole grain bagel with a "smear" of light cream cheese; we shared a banana, and she had a regular cup of coffee with skim milk and I a cup of diluted apple juice'sCamerB355.JPG

Super Hero Healthy Man in The Kitchen-New You Tube Video

Check it out!!

Healthy Chinese Takeout Dinner

I take out Chinese food from our local Takeout place:

Here is what I ate:

Hot and Sour Soup {half a pint}

Steamed vegetable dumplings  { two, with a little of their sauce}

Moo Shoo Chicken [Half of a small order in white sauce}

Iced herbal berry tea {no sugar}

Dessert: Ten Trader Joe,s Chocolate Cat Cookies


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Saturday Night Healthy Dinner Out at Alberto Italian Ristorante in Forest Hills




What I ate for dinner:

I shared a caesar salad with my wife {a real caesar has no mayonnaise}

I shared a plate of mussels in marinara sauce.

My entre was a grilled salmon steak with string beans.

A glass of Pinot Noir red wine.

A small piece of  chocolate mousse.

Don't be shocked that I ate mousse. My intake of sugar and  fat was so low for the day that my body quickly metabolizes the sugar and fat in the dessert. 






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