Healthy Man's fight with Carbo, Sweetie and Greasy...

Now, if I were a superhero, I might swoop down from the sky, plant my feet in the middle of Times Square, and put my fists on my hips. Then I’d say something like, “There is a plague of obesity and fat-related disease upon our land. It is an epidemic of poor eating habits.” And then I’d do battle with Sweetie Greasy and Carbo.

Saturated Fat makes Healthy Man weak

And like Kryptonite was to Superman saturated fat makes Healthy Man weak. Healthy Man also fought against the evil forces embodied in villains named Sweetie, Greasy, and Carbo.

The Healthy Man Handbook Blog

The Healthy Man Handbook Blog here I will be adding information for A HEALTHY WAY OF LIFE,

Healthy Man is here to help you be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle...

Healthy Man Handbook Blog

This is the Healthy Man Handbook Blog, and here healthy topics will be discussed and any healthy news will be added here

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